Comfort or Fashion - How to balance both in this heat

Comfort or Fashion - How to balance both in this heat

Choose breathable materials: Go for light, natural textiles like cotton, linen, or silk that promote airflow and aid in wicking perspiration from your body away from your skin. These fabrics allow you to stay cool and comfortable while maintaining your sense of style.

Loose and flowy silhouettes: Avoid tight-fitting clothing that traps heat and impedes airflow by wearing loose, flowing clothing. Instead, opt for airy, flowing shapes that will keep you cool and comfortable by allowing air to move over your body. Wide-leg trousers, slouchy shirts, and maxi dresses are all excellent choices.

Plan your layering carefully: When it is hot outside, choose lightweight, breathable clothes. For instance, you can cover a tank top or a summer dress with a thin cardigan or a loose, sheer kimono. By doing so, you can enhance the look and feel of your outfit without losing comfort.

Experiment with shorts and skirts: If you want to wear shorts or skirts, use breathable, lightweight materials. High-waisted shorts, flowing skirts, or linen bottoms can all be stylish and cool-weather appropriate.

Light colours: Light hues clothing reflects heat and sunlight, keeping you cooler. Consider pastel colours or whites instead of darker ones, as they tend to absorb less heat. Lighter hues might also convey a summery, fresh feeling.

Focus on lightweight accessories in hot weather so you will not feel weighed down or uncomfortable. Pick lightweight accessories like scarves, straw hats, and simple jewellery to offer style without generating too much heat.


Always keep in mind that your comfort should come first. Feel free to try out various looks and clothes to see which suits you the best given the present weather.