Four online games that you must have on your device.

Four online games that you must have on your device.

We have all played video games at some point in our lives. Today, we find endless options available on various app stores for games. There are various genres available for games: mystery, Simulation, Action and adventure, Puzzles and mind games, etc. Here is a list of a few games that you can enjoy playing during your leisure time.



Since Among Us is social deception in space, it is simple to grasp, but that doesn't mean it's simple to trick your pals. As soon as the round starts, every innocent player has tasks to complete, while impostors have no obligations but must act innocent. Each impostor is devising a scheme to murder their fellow crew members covertly throughout this time. Everyone gathers to decide who should be thrown through an airlock when a body is found. I hope it's not you. Despite being released in 2018, Among Us managed to become one of the top successes of 2020 thanks to the global pandemic that kept us apart. The game was so well-liked that congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed it on Twitch, and Epic used it as inspiration for the recently launched "Impostors" mode in Fortnite. The game is available for free on iOS and Android and for $5 on Steam and the Nintendo Switch if you're interested in giving it a try.



Florence is a beautiful game about love, sorrow, and letting go that tells its tale in only a few lines. Florence uses touch-based physics and straightforward puzzles to describe the joy of falling in and out of love without using words. A stunning hand-drawn style and a nice, melancholy soundtrack by composer Kevin Penkin make the story of protagonist Florence Yeoh as she falls in love with a musician named Krish unexpectedly emotional to experience. When you put puzzle pieces together to suggest a dialogue or decide where to put things in an apartment after the couple moves in together, their relationship is played out in a series of cute little minigames. Florence manages to pack a punch in only one 45-minute play session, despite the fact that the game can be finished in that time.



In the word game Spelltower+, which was also created by Zach Gauge of Good Sudoku and Sage Solitaire fame, you connect neighbouring letters to create words. So you can spell "Do" if "D" is adjacent to "O," "Does" if those letters are next to "E' ' and "S,' ' and so on. The latest version of this game has a lot more features than the 2011 original, including a total of 11 modes. For instance, when letters are played in Tower Mode, they vanish from the board, and new letters from above drop to partially cover the area they left behind. The board moves up each turn in Puzzle Mode, so you have to watch out for tiles that are too close to the top of the screen. Spelltower+ is a challenging word puzzle game that pays off time invested generously, no matter how you choose to play. Although Spelltower+ is an Apple Arcade title, iOS and Android users can get the original version without charge.



Zach Gauge of Good Sudoku created Sage Solitaire, a solitaire game for the (s)ages that combines aspects of poker with solitaire's pick-up-and-play simplicity. Sage Solitaire is a wonderful variation on the card game that stands out from the competition and is, most significantly, portable. Recently, there have been several good solitaire games, like The Solitaire Conspiracy and the solitaire minigame in Telling Lies.


The list of wonderful games is endless. Also, the choice of game depends on what you love. If you love solving mysteries, then the games that have hidden elements will be your favourite and the games that require action may not be liked by you.